Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Orange and Chicken

We've been going to the same local Chinese restaurant for a great many years. They recently changed ownership and we were not nearly as pleased with them subsequently as we had been before, so we started auditioning new places, some of which we'd tried before.

The current winner is Orange and Chicken over on Elmhurst Rd. The food has been really good. The prices are really reasonable. They have very tasty hot and sour soup, which is both hot and sour. (Yes, you'd think that hot and sour soup would normally have both of those attributes. I find it not to be the case too often.)

And their pot stickers are not a light, airy snack. They are heavyweight dumplings.

Good eggrolls too.

And the entrees have been uniformly tasty.

We managed to feed three of us tonight (including the jumbo pot stickers) for $20.

Tags: food, home, musings

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