Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Upgrading Our Plans

Gretchen and I ran out to Grill 12 today for lunch so that we could stop at Goodwill across the street and drop off two boxes of items that we have ejected from the basement along with the bread machine that I inherited from my parents that we have given up on using. While there, I suggested that we could pan fry some of the Vienna Beef Polish and smoked sausage that I picked up at Mariano's yesterday because they were on sale, although I would have to check and make sure that we had enough hot dog buns remaining. Gretchen thought this sounded good, so we had a plan. I could run back over to Mariano's, throw a whole lot of grocery bags into recycling, pick up some more sweet corn, buy hot dog buns if needed, and we would have a simple dinner.

I should mention in passing that when I was at Mariano's yesterday, Gretchen had asked me to pick up fruit juice bars for the kids that were "not citrus". The Outshine brand was on sale, although not in mixed boxes, and I figured the grape would be amply safe. Oh, and look! There is a coconut bar. I checked the ingredients and it was sulfite-free and sufficiently low in calories that it seemed like a fine idea, because if the kids didn't eat them, I would.

The kids won't eat them. And they are *wonderful*. My heart is broken that they do not like them.

Anyway, we didn't have enough hot dog buns to go around, so I'd need to pick those up on my trip to Mariano's.

Where there were *no* hot dog buns at all to be found. Apparently, Independence Day involved a metric ton of hot dogs being consumed.

I went over to the butcher shop where they occasionally cache additional buns, but that didn't turn any up there either. However, steak was still on sale.

I have steak now. And I have just fired up the grill.

The good news is that sausage keeps...
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