Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


We got to bed late last night, because things ran late after we got done putting things back in the new refrigerator. (Which seems to be doing an admirable job of cooling things off. The refrigerator compartment seems to be slightly larger, while the freezer is fractionally smaller than the old fridge. We have made the necessary adjustments to the contents of the latter compartment -- which was *very* full! -- and will avoid filling it quite so much in the future.)

Anyway, late to bed last night and up early this morning to go out and get breakfast with Gretchen, which meant that I skipped lunch, and now it is *clearly* time for dinner, because I am just exhausted.

But, hey! The pile has been moved and that's a good thing. :)
Tags: home, kitchen, musings

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