Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Less Than I Might Have Hoped

I've gotten a lot less done today than I might have hoped.

I loaded the latest version of the Universal Audio plugin software. Unfortunately, this version seems to become easily confused about how much DSP is available when loading plugins into Cubase. So now I have uninstalled that version and am retreating to the earlier version that I was using earlier.

The problem with that is that Cubase needs to *very slowly* catalog all of the plugins at startup every time that I do that. Eventually, it will finish...

Meanwhile, I noticed a funny noise coming from our home's air conditioning unit, so we called our regular guys who installed the unit. It turns out that there's been some subsidence in the last dozen years since they put it in and that produced a vibration that I was hearing transmitted through the support girder for the first floor while I was down in the basement. So it was generally good that we called.

It's being like that today. :)
Tags: dodeka, home, musings, repair, stuff, tech


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