Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This and That

Gretchen and I had fun doing our concert for Festival of the Living Rooms today. And it was nice to knock some of the rust off, because there's not been much opportunity to do this in the last year or more.

In a tragic development (just ask the cat), Sunshine's food dish became empty today *and* we were out of cat food due to a malfunction of the minivan on Friday. This meant I got to run to the store and pick up more cat food on the way home from dinner, but we hadn't yet filled the dish. We were sitting downstairs watching TV when Gretchen said "Pause that for a minute. I heard something."

A moment later, I looked up and saw a feline head poking up from the debris field on the kitchen table, apparently still hunting for food. Since Sunshine is *greatly* reluctant to be in the same room with the Ruby the Dog, this tells us that she was *really* hungry.

There is food in her dish now.
Tags: cats, dogs, filk, home, musings

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