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Technogeeking Inside

The Cubase SX entertainment of the weekend has caused me to re-examine the problems that I'm having with the Midisport 8x8/s MIDI patchbay -- mainly, that it won't pass MTC in patchbay mode.

The problem is that I want my d8b to send MMC and receive MTC to enable the automation. Right now, it's wired to a JL Cooper Datasync2 which converts the MMC from the d8b into ADAT sync for my ADATs; then it reads the ADAT time code coming back on the sync cable and writes MTC for the d8b.

I'd hoped to be able to use the Midisport in patchbay mode and pass MTC through it to solve my wiring problems and allow me to talk to Cubase SX without repatching everything by hand. No such luck. I spent hours rewiring the thing, running tests that the manufacturer suggested, before finally finding out that it just doesn't work. It would have been nice if they'd admitted this at the beginning of the sequence, instead of throwing tests at me in the hope that I'd go away. (The rep I was talking to was fine. It was the backroom guys who couldn't be troubled to actually tell the truth.)

There's a merging MIDI input on the Datasync2. What I'm hoping is that I can take MTC that the Cubase SX generates and route it back to the d8b through the Datasync2 if I tell it not to generate MTC.

Gretchen's off to a Capricon meeting tonight -- I suspect I'll have the answer before she gets home.
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