Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Fever Pitch

daisy_knotwise and I just got back from seeing Fever Pitch at the cheap theater.

It's a Farrelly Brothers film; however, it's distinctly free of any gross stuff, which was a pleasant surprise. It's the story of a Red Sox obsessed schoolteacher with no life who falls in love with a baseball-ignorant mathematician with no life either. Since this is a love story, by the end of the film, they decide to have a life together.

It's a sweet little film and, no doubt, funnier if you're a baseball fan (which Gretchen and I are). And, if you're a fan, you'll see some of the situations coming maybe not from a mile off, but before the rest of the audience figures it out.

In the synchronicity department, Gretchen and I left the car to go into the theater as the Cards - Cubs game tonight headed into the 10th inning tied 1-1. So I'm not that crazy. (Cards won 2-1 in 11.)

And the only reason I came in to type this right now was because Gretchen was waiting for fuzzbucket_cat to come in. But he didn't, he's out of luck, and I'm going to join my lovely bride.
Tags: baseball, movies, review

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