Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This Is Definitely Too Much Bass

The hazard of driving somewhere while you're mixing an album is that you will get to listen to it over and over again. The hazard of driving somewhere when you're mixing your own album is that your wife may kill you before it's over.

While going to and from the meeting with Barry, we listened to the rough mixes four times. When we were working in the studio, Gretchen told me to turn up the bass, because she was having trouble hearing it.

This was not a problem in the van. We heard the bass. We felt the bass. Passing trucks ran off the road trying to escape from the bass. (Ok, not really.)

When we got home, I then insisted on putting the album on in the stereo downstairs. It's got Magnapan speakers which are notoriously bass light. The bass receded to a sub-normal level, which didn't surprise me.

Then we went up to the bedroom where I have my old speakers from college with the 12-inch woofers. I was going to sample one track, but Gretchen said to go ahead and play the whole thing. I think the theory was that we might as well get it over with, because she was going to hear it through those speakers sooner or later. There was a *definite* large amount of bass in the mix.

Nate Bucklin (who was good enough to play bass for us) had suggested that we listen to Sandy Aldina's album as an example of a good bass mix. So I threw the CD on and found that the bass levels were a good bit less than had ended up in the mix on my album.

Ok, I guess I'll turn the bass back down now. :)
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