August 19th, 2003

Better Voice Next Time

Last night, Gretchen and I headed down to the studio to try to recut four of the lead vocals. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good voice night. *sigh*

Tonight, we'll try again after dinner when I've (hopefully) recovered from breathing exhaust fumes on the drive home.

Meanwhile, Back at the Pegasi...

Gretchen and I were delighted to hear that we were nominated for a Pegasus Award for "My Husband, the Filker" in the Best Humorous Song category. This looks to be a pretty tough category, given the other nominees. (Hey, I've been stealing "Stray Dog Man" for more than a decade!)

Seven Miles a Second

Meanwhile, here's the track list for the new album:

Seven Miles a Second
Nobody Calls
Turn Around, Look Around
Good God, Almighty!
Strong Poison
Since I Fell
Cinnamon Rain
Half a Chance
Hard Drive Calypso
Brain Sludge
My Very Best Secrets
One Last Dance

The credits (thus far):

Lead Vocals: Bill Roper, Dorotha Biernesser, Steve Macdonald, Gretchen Roper
Backup Vocals: ditto
Rhythm Guitar: Bill Roper
Lead Guitar: Nate Bucklin, Barry Childs-Helton, Steve Macdonald
Bass Guitar: Nate Bucklin
Strange Mutant Guitar: Bill Roper
Drums: Sally Childs-Helton, Gretchen Roper