August 20th, 2003

Reverb Games

Shortly after we finished mixing Crossroads, Gretchen and I picked up PCM91 and M3000 reverb boxes to upgrade the studio. Of course, we've had nothing to mix since then, so I've forgotten most of what I learned when I hooked up the boxes.

Last night, I went down to the studio and spent some time reacquainting myself with the beasts. I'm nothing like proficient with them yet, but I did manage to set up some reverb fields for "Since I Fell" that sounded pretty reasonable. I'm using a bit more reverb on the song than I normally would, because it's basically a Beatles pastiche and you really *need* a certain level of reverb there.

The good news is that the reverb levels passed Gretchen's inspection, so I (and the new gear) must be doing something right.

(Comic) Books I've Read Lately

I read far too many comic books and they have a tendency to pile up around the house when I get busy. Lately, I've been chowing through a bunch of the Batman family books and am mostly caught up there. As I recall, the Detective Comics run by Brubaker was pretty good; the Gotham Knights run has been more interesting, to my mind, focusing more on the character relationships in the cast. And *everybody* who reads comics has already read "Hush" in the main Batman book...

I also just finished reading the two compilations of Mark Evanier's columns which I'd highly recommend to anyone who has any interest in comics. They're great fun and can be read in short sittings. (What do you expect? They're columns! :) )

You can probably order them through his website at (which is also worth reading). Right now, he's running a series of articles about the (non-existent) Dick Van Dyke comic book from the early 1960s. It's strange, but fun.