August 26th, 2003

Meanwhile, Back in the Studio

While Gretchen was at a Capricon meeting tonight, I managed to remix the CD from the notes we took yesterday listening to the previous mix. Now we can listen to it on the way to Torcon and see if we made the *right* changes.

It's still not done, of course. Steve Macdonald is going to recut his vocals tomorrow night when we stop at his house. Dorotha Biernesser is recutting one vocal for us at Torcon. Nate Bucklin is recutting guitar tracks at Torcon. And I understand that Dave Clement and Tom Jeffers may be good enough to add some harmony vocals for us while we're there.

Then we come home and reassemble everything, finish tracking Brain Sludge, and maybe add a couple more chorus vocals from me. Then we *might* be done. Maybe. :)

Stupid ADAT Tricks

There's a little interpolation error (fortunately between songs) on a couple of my ADAT tapes that I'm using for Seven Miles a Second. I decided to make a full backup (copying all four tapes) before taking one set to Torcon. Then I decided to do tonight's mixes from the copies.

This was a good thing. That way I got to see that one of the copies had dropped out less than four minutes in when it hit the interpolation error on the original. I'm almost done copying the tape again and then it's off to bed. (Finally!)

It's Definitely Time to Go to Bed

I've now reviewed the proposed agreement on trying to give the Belleville house to Connie. I've gone over the list of things that my brother, sister, and I would like to get from the house as part of the deal -- primarily photographs and things we acquired when we were kids. I've sent my comments to my lawyer.

I can now sleep with a clear conscience. :)

Torcon tomorrow, Macdonald's today! (*Much* later today...)