October 5th, 2003

And One Late Afternoon at Wrigley

Yesterday afternoon, Gretchen and I went to the Cubs/Braves NLDS Game 4 with my ex-wife Carol and her new husband John Ferraro. Unfortunately, the results were not as good as the previous night and the Cubs lost 6-4. Sosa was the tying run at the plate with two outs in the bottom of the 9th and hit a long fly off John Smoltz to straightaway center field which Andruw Jones caught at the warning track.

So the Cubs go back to Atlanta and pitch Kerry Wood tonight. If Wood is good, the Cubs are in good shape. If not, Sosa had better stop being a non-factor in this series or the Cubs are in trouble...

Excuses, Excuses...

There were numerous things that I should have done tonight after rehearsal.

Instead, I watched the Cubs beat the Braves on TV. As a result, I will now be even further behind on the things I should be doing, because I'll be at Wrigley Field Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Life is so hard sometimes. :)