December 10th, 2003

Solstice Watch, Tin Men, and Assorted Other Topics

Multiple things that I've been thinking about:

In 11 days, the days will start getting longer here in the Northern Hemisphere. I'm looking forward to this.

Regardless of the merits of Howard Dean's candidacy, Al Gore's endorsement of Dean reminds me of one of the reasons that I couldn't vote for Gore: the man has no heart. I can't imagine not giving a call to Lieberman if I were Gore, so that he'd know about this before he heard it in the press. And for all of Clinton's trumpeted moral failings, I can't imagine him not doing so either.

I bought a new used ADAT XT-20 yesterday, so that I'd have a full 24-tracks rack-mounted in my studio. Got it home and it had a strange power-up problem. It's back at the shop and they're looking at it. I have the other machine that they had in my trunk, which appears to power up ok -- so far.

Connie, my father's widow, will apparently sign the paperwork on Friday that will allow us to give her my father's house, so that I am no longer responsible for it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Gretchen is worried about Bilbo, the older of our two cats, because he didn't show up this morning to get his head rubbed. He seemed ok when she found him sleeping in a chair downstairs, but he may get a trip to the vet this afternoon.

And that's the news, Wednesday, December 10th, 2003.

Bilbo Watching

He seems to be doing ok. Gretchen decided not to take him to the vet this afternoon, since he was behaving normally. We'll see if he shows up in the morning.

Maybe he's just tired...