March 29th, 2004

Good News of a Sort

My grandmother's funeral went well and I saw many of my relatives and my grandma's friends who came.

My brother, Mitch, drove up from Dallas by himself on Saturday while Gretchen and I were driving down from Chicago. We'd swapped cellphone numbers so we could keep track of each other on the road and see when we'd be arriving in Marion.

He left a bit before we did to head back to Dallas, since he had the longer drive -- Gretchen and I went by the old farm with my sister Judy and her husband, Gary, to look around.

Since we were going through Champaign on the way north, I negotiated with Gretchen to stop and have dinner at Papa Del's, my old favorite college pizzeria. When I got there, I noticed that Mitch had called, so I called him back, found out he was about 30 miles outside of Little Rock and let him get back to driving.

Later, we were on the Tri-State, almost home, and I decided to give Mitch a ring to find out how he was doing.
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