April 17th, 2004


It's really annoying when you have to come into work on Saturday to catch up on the work that you couldn't do yesterday because you were fixing other things (only some of which were really your problem) and you discover that someone has apparently stolen the cream cheese for your breakfast bagel from the company refrigerator.

Something Goes Right

I inadvertently hit the wrong menu choice while editing today and have found the only feature of Visual Studio .NET 2003 that I actually like. If you select the AutoHide option on the Window menu, all of the various windows that are cluttering up the user interface slide down into tab controls on the edges of the editing window. If you need them, they slide back up (or you can click on the tab to get them back).

I still prefer Codewright as an editor (because it does a better job of window management among other things), but at least I've got some screen real estate back.