July 5th, 2004

Sutton Visit: Day Two

There were plenty of leftovers from last night's party, so I fired up the grill again for lunch and made some hamburgers. ladyat and bedlamhouse were shocked that I hadn't seen "Field of Dreams", so I pulled out the laserdisc that I'd had for some years but hadn't got around to watching and the four of us cried a lot at the end.

Then we headed off to Wrigley Field, where the Cubs beat the Sox in dramatic fashion by a score of 2-1 on a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the ninth.

We didn't manage to see any fireworks this year (at close range), but other than that, a pretty complete success so far. :)

Sutton Visit: Conclusion

We crawled out of bed again this morning and debated what to do for brunch. Eventually, the guys won out and we went out for gyros instead of eating in and having eggs and sausage. (I hear that's on my dinner menu for later this week.)

We proceeded from lunch to a 1:00 PM showing of Spider-Man 2 (and far too much popcorn), which left all well satisfied. Dinner followed at Leona's, a local Italian chain, which turned out to be too much food for everyone, although ladyat did take along the three leftover shrimp and garlic bread at the prompting of me and bedlamhouse.

Gretchen and I dropped the Suttons at the airport and wished them well. And having advised them both to have the garlic bread -- and ladyat having had the shrimp scampi and bedlamhouse having had something else with a not insubstantial garlic content -- we're sure that they will have no problems with the passenger who is sitting in the middle seat between the two of them.