July 16th, 2004

I'm Thinking. I'm Thinking.

No, not a Jack Benny riff. It's my project here at work.

I'm writing a massive new bolt-on to the calculational engine for the product here at work. The design from the product manager is a bit lacking. Now, that's not a surprise, because he knows that I'm capable of filling in the blanks and also quite capable of walking in and telling him where I think the design is wrong. Since the design was published, we've had a number of longish discussions of how it is that this beast should actually calculate. This is good, because if we put our heads together, we're likely to arrive at the right finish line.

The problem is that we didn't budget time for this much additional design work. And the product manager is on vacation this week, so I'm left to make some of these decisions by myself. (And I hope he likes them.)

In the meantime, I now have an additional seven pages that just start to describe how these calculations actually work, various chunks of code in various stages of completion, and the sales kickoff meeting next week, where the product manager would like to show some piece of the calculation that actually works.

Well, so would I. The problem is that my coding to thinking ratio is still about 1 : 2. That and the fact that I was nearly useless at work Monday due to the grunge.

So I'll come in Saturday and try to get caught up. We'll see how it goes.

This is Just Annoying

So after four trips to the Mercury dealership to have the intermittent flashing airbag light in my Sable repaired (two for diagnosis, two to actually complete the repair), they gave it back to me yesterday.

Today, on the way to dinner, the light was flashing again.

We will be having a discussion about this tomorrow morning.