August 10th, 2004

I Have the Right to be Silly

The latest thing that's being discussed in the wake of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad has to do with whether Kerry was in Cambodia over Christmas in 1968. He's made this statement multiple times, including in the Congressional Record (where I've even seen the photocopied page posted):
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Then there was the Kerry quote from an old Boston Herald article on the same subject:
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Now the only problem with this is that there seems to be nobody other than Kerry who believes that he was in Cambodia at that time. But I now understand what happened!

At some time after returning from Vietnam, our John Kerry was replaced by the John Kerry of Earth-N, a John Kerry from a world where Nixon defeated Kennedy in 1960 and was actually finishing out his second term of office on Christmas 1968, instead of not even being President at the time.

It'll be easy to find out if this theory is correct. All the reporters need to do is to ask Kerry who was elected President after Eisenhower...