August 15th, 2004

Cubs Lose! (Cards Win!)

Not in the same game, though.

Gretchen and I headed off to Wrigley Field where, with the wind blowing in, it was a lot colder than it ought to be in the middle of August. I shouldn't be getting goosebumps on my arms when sitting in the stands in a short-sleeve shirt. The Cubs bullpen turned out to be just as cold as the weather, giving up 5 runs in the eighth on the road to an 8-5 Dodgers win. The only good thing was getting to see Eric Gagne pitch for two innings. Man, he's good!

Gretchen suggested making a pot of chili for dinner as an antidote for the cold, a fine idea. Then we watched the Cards pummel the Braves 10-4 on ESPN.

Tomorrow, we paint the bathroom. Wish us luck. (Actually, it shouldn't be that bad, but you never can tell...)