August 16th, 2004

Roll Over

I forgot to mention that, on the trip back from Milwaukee, the Sable rolled over the 100,000 mile mark. I look at all those zeroes on the odometer and it's almost like having a new car.

But not quite.

Sound of Crickets Chirping

This column by Larry Simoneaux (who I know nothing about other than what I just read in the linked-to column) does a fine job of encapsulating my feelings about the utter silence from the mainstream press in trying to determine what's the truth of the situation with John Kerry and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

I've watched stories on the Internet for the past week since I first heard about Senator Kerry's "Christmas in Cambodia" on Fox News Channel. That's the only place I can get any information, because none of the mainstream press that should be interested in getting to the truth has reported on it at all that I can find. Just to pick on my hometown papers, the Chicago Tribune hasn't mentioned it at all in their news pages. The Chicago Sun-Times has referenced it twice on the editorial page, here and here. But I'm not really interested in editorializing on the subject. What I want are facts.

I can find blogs like Captain's Quarters which have assembled an impressive recitation of what they say are the facts. But are they telling the truth?

I don't know that. But I'd like to believe that the mainstream press would pursue this story with the same kind of dogged persistence that they've chased after President Bush's National Guard Service Records.

Because I'd like to know the truth.

I really would.

Prime Time

The master bathroom is now primed. Gretchen is cleaning the brushes and rollers and we'll finish this tomorrow. (I hope.)

Gretchen's comment as I pivoted around from one side of the bathtub ledge to another: "Olympic Gymnastics Gold Medal, Household Division".