August 22nd, 2004

I Forgot to Mention

I got into work a little late yesterday (it was Saturday, I can be forgiven), because I went for a four mile walk when I got up. It was really the last good chance to do it before heading off to Worldcon next weekend. And my feet were much happier with me than they were the last time. :)

New Toy

In order to support President Bush by expanding the economy and spend all my money before Senator Kerry can means-test my Social Security, I have bought something that I am sure that bedlamhouse will approve of:

A new HP laptop.

It replaces a very old laptop that has gotten progressively crankier over the years. And I turned down the CompUSA extended warranty that allows them to discharge their obligation to you by giving you back the warranty fee, despite their protestations that they'd never seen that happen when I pointed to the clause in the contract.