November 8th, 2004

Here Comes WindyCon

I can tell, because there are another six boxes of artwork for the Art Show that arrived today and are sitting in my office.

Tonight's WindyCon-related activities include trying to finish up the various scripts for Special Events and making a few phone calls to try to clear things up.

I could get much more done on this if I weren't gainfully employed, but not having employment would have other severe disadvantages. (And I'm doing pretty well on dispatching bugs, so...)

The Incredible, Untradeable Sammy Sosa

ESPN reports that the Cubs are unlikely to trade Sammy Sosa because no team wants to pay him the $18 million in 2006 that becomes guaranteed only if he's traded. And, of course, the Cubs don't have to pay it if they don't trade him.

I expect the Cubs clubhouse will be loads of fun in 2005. But the good news is that Kerry Wood apparently took a baseball bat to Sosa's boombox on Closing Day 2004. He may have enjoyed it so much that he'll do it again.