November 9th, 2004

Living In the Future

One of the big advantages of living in the future is the access to data provided by the Internet and search engines. When I was discussing Supreme Court decisions with tigertoy the other day, I was able to type a few words into Google and get back the text of the decisions so that I could comment on them in a more intelligent fashion. A few years ago, I would have needed to have access to specialized data sources to look these things up. Now, I can do it without leaving my desk.

This sort of thing doesn't make people more intelligent, but it does have the possibility of making them better informed. You take your victories where you can find them.

Now if beamjockey could just do something about the appalling lack of aircars...

Sosa, Wood, and the Boombox

The Chicago Tribune reports today that Kerry Wood says that he was not the person who smashed Sosa's boombox after Sosa vanished on Closing Day.

"I don't have the balls to do that," Wood said. "There have been times in the past . . . (when Wood felt like doing that). I came in four or five days later to get my stuff and I didn't notice anything."

So Sosa will need to look elsewhere to find the guilty party. Only 23 suspects to go (not counting the manager, coaches, and assorted clubhouse workers). (Actually, probably more than 23 -- rosters had expanded on September 1st. Will Sosa find the real boombox killer? Stay tuned!)