November 28th, 2004

Space, the Final Frontier (Flash Space, That Is)

We've arrived in the Live Journal posting time warp, due to the Internet connection on the ship being down. I'm typing this on Saturday night, just before we sail away from Honolulu, but I won't get to post it for another three days when we're departing from Kona. But what the heck...
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In the meantime, I have filled up my 128 MB compact flash card in my camera, having taken about 200 pictures. Although I have a few spare 32 MB cards around, I asked Jerry -- who was planning to walk over to CompUSA to get a new flash card for his Digital Rebel -- if he could pick up an extra large card for me.

He returned with a 256 MB card. For $20.

I now have space for 400 more pictures.

God help the photo albums of the future.

Hello, Nurse!

The other major development for today was that there was a phone message when we got back to the room yesterday night from the Ship's Nurse, asking if I was still planning to get off in Kona. Reading between the lines, it seems that I had managed to get a note from the doctor to get off and fly back, but nobody had told me that I could. (Although I never did actually confirm that, since I have no flight booked out of Kona at this point and no Internet connection to get through to my travel agent. Yes, I suppose that having her phone number would work, but I don't have that handy either...)

So I dropped by the infirmary this morning on the way to breakfast and let her know that I'd be sticking it out. I've heard that last Saturday and Sunday's seas were apparently exceptionally bad. I'm hoping that report is correct.

Later in the day, Jeff, Carol, and I walked over to Aloha Tower, which is now the site of a small Hawaiian shopping mall with a great many stores and restaurants, as Carol wanted to find a postcard that said "Oahu". This proved harder to find than one might have imagined, but she was eventually successful.

On the way back, we passed the Ship's Nurse in civvies on her way out for a night on the town. We said hi to each other.

I think she recognized me by now...