December 27th, 2004


That's Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, for the uninitiated.

After auditioning guitars over the weekend, I concluded (and daisy_knotwise concurred) that getting a Taylor spruce-top with the Expression system electronics so that I could go in direct as well as via mic and get two different sounds to blend would be the best thing for recording. So I headed back to Guitar Works today and played a number of guitars, one of which has come home with me.

Gretchen no longer has to worry about "not having gotten me enough for Christmas". :)

There Were So Many Simpler Ways to Do This

My father died in December, 1999 and left his three children as trustees (with me the lead steer) for his living trust. The will basically locked up all of the money (and the house) to be used to support his widow, Connie, for as long as she lives and doesn't remarry. Whatever is left over when she dies goes to the kids and the grandkids. (Of course, Connie's only about seven years older than I am, so that's likely to be a while.)
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daisy_knotwise, whl (visiting from Mississippi), and I just watched all of the extended and new scenes in the extended edition of Return of the King. Many things make more sense now.

"Ah, so Faromir and Eowyn actually met before their last appearance making eyes at each other. Makes Eowyn seem much less shallow than she did momentarily there."