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Bill Roper's Journal
December 30th, 2004 
This article discusses a couple of recent (as in post-Christmas) incidents of someone shining a laser into the cockpit of a plane. (I heard about it on the radio this morning.) The government is worried that this might be terrorists.

Maybe. I, on the other hand, would start checking the catalogs that sell high-end toys for techies to see which of them are selling lasers that would fit the description of the offending beams. I think several somebodies got a new toy for Christmas and didn't realize that they could actually hit the airplane with it.

Never underestimate what a techie will do with Somebody Else's Airplane.
In this case, destruction is measured in terms of loss of human life, which certainly isn't a bad measure. The Sumatra quake is now at #9 on the list and I suspect it will move higher before long.
Jeff had asked over dinner last night about the intensity of the New Madrid quakes of 1811-12. My 1968 Britannica didn't have the data, but this page does.
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