January 2nd, 2005

My Brain Hurts

I just finished retyping and putting together a set of proposed revisions for the 14 page ISFiC bylaws.

There's enough boilerplate there to run a Worldcon. And I suspect that's where most of the boilerplate came from...

The Legion Is Back

"Once upon a time, history was made on the battlefield. Heroes chose to fight for justice...for honor...for glory and for faith...for survival. And, in time...all the fighting was done. With the help of interstellar alliances, the Earth entered a millennium of utopian peace.

Now, at the dawn of the 31st century, all we, our parents, and their parents have ever known is security, stability, and order.

We're so sick of it, we could scream.

And we are Legion."

-- Legion of Super Heroes #1
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