January 4th, 2005

Pluses and Minuses

It's the New Year, so I really felt like I should get on the exercycle again this morning, something that I haven't done (between colds and holidays) since getting back from the cruise. I hit the button to start the timer and found that it didn't start.
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Work, by contrast, was relatively calm, despite the boss and the new QE director being in from Stamford to visit. Doug, the guy who runs our programming group, was supposed to fly to Stamford tomorrow to make a presentation -- we'll see if he makes it out (or back!) given the weather forecast.

I ducked out of work and met Gretchen for dinner, then headed home for a hour-long conference call about which I'll say more later.

Gretchen made cocoa later in the evening and we sat in the living room, enjoying the lights on our lovely Christmas tree which will have to be coming down shortly.

On the other hand, if we've got 12 inches of snow, they'll be in no hurry to take it away. We'll see what happens.