January 30th, 2005

More Website Fun

Ok, I couldn't sleep, so I uploaded the songs for Too Many Years to the website. (I also discovered that the electronic copies of two of the songs had vanished somewhere, so I retyped them to get them in.)

I still haven't done anything about image tags, because that will take a bit longer. And I think I'll go back to bed now.

Listen to the Music

When you want to find out how the mix sounds, you take it upstairs to listen to it. And so far, so good on the remixed songs.

However, it turns out that the eq and compression program that worked really nicely on the old live tracks transferred from analog tape needed a whole lotta tweaking before it was happy with the tracks that started out digital.

I suppose this shouldn't have been a surprise. But I've now sufficiently abused daisy_knotwise's ears for the evening, having dragged her down to the studio as I made a full frontal assault on PQR. (We won.)

Hellraiser can wait until tomorrow.