March 2nd, 2005

Gerson's Toasted Bagel

Yes, the title of this entry won't mean much to you unless you're familiar with obscure Moebius Theater sketches. But given what Gerson named the planet he found, the folks who are pushing this project to search for extra-solar planets may be making a mistake when they let the discoverers name the planets they find...

I Suppose the Cat Did a Good Thing

Like most humans, I've found that, given any excuse to avoid exercising, I'll avoid it. As a result, I hadn't managed to get back on the exercycle since I got it fixed for a wide variety of reasons. The latest was the cold that I picked up from daisy_knotwise.

But this morning, Fuzzbucket woke me up earlier than I'd planned and I decided that I felt pretty good and wasn't likely to go back to sleep. So I got on the exercycle.