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Bill Roper's Journal
March 6th, 2005 
04:25 pm - HDTV. Sort of...
Well, we went over to Abt with Sam, Bonnie, and Bonnie's dad and helped them pick out a new HDTV for Bonnie's parents. I grabbed the HDTV tuner that I'd ordered and an indoor antenna. Unfortunately, this indoor antenna isn't up to the job, although we can pick up a few digital channels with it.

I think I need an aerial.
09:48 pm - Deja Vu
I was watching Fox tonight, because it's one of the few channels that comes in HD via my indoor antenna and saw, for the first time, an episode (and a half) of Arrested Development. It seemed very familiar.

I have just seen the post-millenial version of Soap.
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