March 18th, 2005

Stress! It's a Killer!

Well, it looks like we have eliminated my cut-and-paste stupidity from our service fix and it's now behaving properly. (I missed modifying one line that needed to be changed as I was moving code around.) This should improve life, I think, assuming that the customer is satisfied with the fix.

In the meantime, I've been exercising and eating less for nearly two weeks and the needle on the scale hasn't budged. I think I'll just kill a cow and have it for dinner.

There Ain't No Justice

So daisy_knotwise and I went out to our favorite nearby pizzeria and restaurant so that I can have something with meat and she can have something without, it being Lent. They're having a rib-eating contest this month and the owner kept trying to persuade me to enter, since the current leader is only at 3.25 slabs. I explained that Dr. Bob would hit me if I did that.