April 13th, 2005

There Was Supposed To Be An Earth-Shattering KABOOM

I hooked up the new Tapco subwoofer (finally) tonight, having gotten some cables that were long enough to do the job. When I crank up the gain on the subwoofer all the way, it thinks about making a bit of noise. This seems not so good.

I suspect that the power output on the subwoofer is mismatched with the Mackie HR824s we use as studio monitors. It can manage 120 watts. I see that the Mackie HRS120 is a 400 watt subwoofer. And costs three to four times as much.

I think I'll talk to Bob about this tomorrow.


And just to add insult to injury, when I fired up the studio computer, the RAID array reported that one of the mirrored drives was dead. It appears to have been a loose cable, but it's still requiring me to rebuild the array. Very slowly.