May 7th, 2005

Yet Another Truck Test

I made some more fixes to the mix for Tom Smith and His Digital Acoustic Compilation and daisy_knotwise and I headed out to give them the truck test. I think we're getting asymptotically close to done. There are just a few level problems to fix and I think we're home free.

At this point, I Want to Be Peter Lorre, Domino Death, 307 Ale, and Storm Dancing are a hair too loud. Temperature of Revenge and PQR are a hair too soft. Hellraiser needs a tweak to the guitar and reverb (which is really the only mixing tweak left). Everyone else is just right.

I think.

A Walk Around the Block

It was a rather large block, from here to the corner of Oakton and Des Plaines River Road and back, a total of about 5.9 miles.

Unfortunately, I'm still looking for a Saturday Tribune, since the 7-11 was out of them. They had plenty of the Sunday paper though. If it included Saturday night's Lotto numbers, I'd even be willing to buy one.

Backward, Turn Backward

Ever wonder if you could actually hear secret messages buried in the music that you're listening to if you just had a convenient way to play them backwards? This site has done the hard work for you. Just download and listen.

And if you're having a little trouble making out the lyrics, he'll let you know what he heard.