May 9th, 2005

Baseball, Truck Tests, and Meetings

daisy_knotwise and I are off to watch the Cubs/Mets game tonight. Meanwhile, I'm still truck testing Digital Acoustic Compilation and I see the finish line in sight. (Check the first two tracks for distortion; put more guitar on Return of the King; wind back the first two guitar chords on PQR; and do one last check for general noise.)

Of course, we'll get back late from the game. (No chance of two short games in a row.) And tomorrow I've got an early, important meeting here at work. Yeehaw!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

After two rain delays totaling a bit over an hour and a half, the Cubs and Mets look like they're going to finish their game tonight. I'm watching from home now, since we bailed out after five innings. (I've got that meeting in the morning.) On the other hand, it looks like we would have seen a loss had we stayed. Bad Hawkins! No biscuit!