May 20th, 2005

Keep Running, Someone May Be Behind You

Work was a bit nuts today. I met up with mgucciard and Marnie for dinner ahead of the WindyCon meeting. After a couple of hours of meeting, I salvaged the leftover snacks and took them (and Bonnie) to the Ramada next door, where the DI are working a gaming convention this weekend, and met with daisy_knotwise and daddy_guido to discuss a bit of SpaceTime Theater business. I then took the snacks downstairs, waved hi to scs_11, Chris, Pat, Maurita, Claire, Zac, and others (it's late and I'm short on brain cells). Gretchen dropped us back at the Wyndham, I drove Bonnie home, and now I'm going to bed.

Tomorrow should be much more calm.