May 23rd, 2005

Press It!

filkertom said to go ahead when we thought the remix of Digital Acoustic Compilation was done. daisy_knotwise and I are convinced it's done.

I just discovered I couldn't find the file for the CD imprint, so I recreated it. Now, it's printing a copy for me to check. Then I burn a CD with the artwork files and declare victory.

Then I go to bed.

Master Away!

I just dropped the Digital Acoustic Compilation master into FedEx. Mind you, between the time I got the quote a week ago and now, the company let the sales rep I was working with go, but I trust that the quote is still fine. I included it, in any case.

Also, because I can no longer ship through work, I now have my own brand spanking new FedEx account number. Yee haw!

Beauty and the Geek

This new WB TV show is such a bad idea that it's hard to know where to start.

But maybe my first thought is that most "geeks" would like a woman that they can actually talk to in an intelligent fashion. And while it's possible that the "academically challenged" beauties aren't actually "intelligence challenged", it's not what my first bet would be.

Of course, I could be wrong...