July 6th, 2005

Bounding Along

Well, this should shut BoundsChecker up for a bit.

It seems that there was a struct that contained a pointer to what was actually an array of strings, but that was being handled simply as a pointer to the first string, then accessed with the array operator in the code. This is fixed by converting the declaration to this:

CString (*MyArray)[10];

and referencing it as:

int nLen = (*MyArray)[i].GetLength();

Or, at least, so I currently think.

Gentle Hints

When Visual Studio crashes for the third time today (by simply vanishing away underneath me) and I know that daisy_knotwise is waiting for me to come home for dinner, I should take the gentle hint and go.

Of course, I shouldn't be posting this to LJ first, but nobody said I was wise.

When Understanding Arrives

I've been listening to WDRV a lot lately and noticed a song that I wasn't familiar with had shown up on the playlist with great frequency: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by the Police.

When I saw Bewitched, I finally understood why -- it's on the soundtrack.