July 14th, 2005

Behavior Modification

The reason that yesterday's code change didn't quite work right was because the flags that I had carefully set to say that all of the scenarios needed to be recalculated were moved in this release from the object that they had been in into another object which was being replaced by a different copy of the object before the calculation occurred. There was, of course, a perfectly good reason to move all of those flags (as in, it was required to make a new feature work), but it caused this piece of existing code to break.

Since I was the one who moved the flags, I guess it's good that I'm the one who found the break.

Solution? Set the flags again after substituting the saved copy of the object that holds them. That'll fix 'em... (mutter)


I went to Hot Dog Island for lunch and arrived just before the police showed up and barricaded the side street that leads to the parking lot. The main street was already blocked by a police car, because there was a terrible accident at Dempster and Niles Center Road. I'm told by an employee of one of the nearby stores that a Mustang convertible was traveling at high speed eastbound on Dempster and plowed into a number of cars that were waiting for the light to change. Cars flipped as a result and if no one is dead, it's a miracle. The impression I got was that there hadn't been any miracles forthcoming.

When I left, the street was still blocked and I had to go down an alley and out through the Skokie Swift parking lot. I suspect it'll be blocked for a good while longer.