August 19th, 2005

Worldcon Politics

shsilver tells me that my name has come up on the SMOFS list recently, apparently in connection with the horrors that might occur should Chicago win the 2008 Worldcon bid. I'm told that "we never apologized for the problems with the Chicon 2000 Art Show" and that "this is what happens when Roper manages his friends".

Well, no, actually we did apologize for the problems with the Chicon 2000 Art Show. Repeatedly. And there were problems and -- if you want to discuss them with me to my face -- I'll be happy to do so. Many of them may not be what you actually choose to believe that they were. But I suppose it is much more fun to engage in sniping than it would be to actually collect data on the subject. And, no, I do not choose to discuss them in writing, because I don't feel like having quotes selectively trimmed.

As far as "managing my friends", the Art Show was not the worst problem that I had with running the Exhibits Division for Chicon 2000, an experience which I credit, at least in part, for my developing Type II diabetes. (Being fat, of course, doesn't help either, before some wit chooses to notice that.)

I am not involved with the Chicago in 2008 Worldcon bid. I have no intention of being involved with running any prospective Chicago Worldcon, an intention that is reinforced by Steven's report on the SMOFS list exchange referenced above. So, please, if it suits your political purposes to run down the folks in Chicago, do so.

Just don't use me to do it, because it isn't my party, nor will it ever be, because I do not need the political crap.

Thank you for observing all safety precautions. No human beings (save for my blood pressure) were harmed in the writing of this post.