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Bill Roper's Journal
August 26th, 2005 
02:55 am - Belief
Ah, insomnia! An occasionally useful muse, but one that I'm going to regret in the morning.

Although I probably won't regret it a few days from now when I've caught up on my sleep.
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The leading man meme, courtesy of sraun. (By the way, it includes a link to the leading lady meme inside.)
My life, as played by...Collapse )
The following was inspired by some thoughts that I read from the_gwenzilliad and zanda_myrande. Note that what I'm saying doesn't necessarily have any application to either of them, just that it caused me to think of these things.
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My friend, David Manship, pointed out this cool animated GIF that shows dust devils blowing around on the Martian surface as seen from the Spirit rover.

Via Steve B., these titles for Klingon fairy tales.
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