September 11th, 2005

Sunday and the Ducks

I took the afternoon off and went over to Rich's mom's house to play APBA baseball. I went 4-3 and am now a game over .500 for the first time this season (at the end of a session).

daisy_knotwise was working on various of her Capricon ducks today, but the computer was being a bit annoying. I came home, we grabbed dinner at RAM, then I found the missing file of dealer info she needed, fixed a bit of formatting that needed to be tweaked in the letter ("Could you fix it so my e-mail address doesn't print out in blue?"), and handed it back to her so she can get the Capricon dealer mailing out. This will make daddy_guido feel better. :)

shsilver dropped me a copy of the blurb for Every Inch a King, looking for suggestions, which I sent back to him. I'm swapping e-mail with Jeff, trying to get all the pieces for the book jacket for The Cunning Blood together.

Tomorrow, I can go back to work and rest... :)