September 15th, 2005

Cards Clinch!

Ok, I know I said that daisy_knotwise and I couldn't get to the Cubs/Cards game tonight. But our appointment concluded just after 6 PM and Gretchen is the Best Baseball Wife In The World (TM) and I hadn't found anyone else to use the tickets. So we drove to the Skokie Swift, arriving shortly before game time, boarded the El, and were in Wrigley Field by the bottom of the third.

The Cards were already up 3-0. Neither team generated much more offense in the wind and periodic rain until the Cards scored another three runs in the eighth with the help of a lot of walks, one with the bases loaded.

Up 6-0 in the bottom of the ninth, Suppan grooved a pitch to Derrek Lee which left the park in a hurry. Tony LaRussa brought on Al Reyes to pitch in the increasingly heavy rain as the umpires tried to finish the game. But after a nearly disastrous near collision in left reminiscent of a rainy Cubs/Cards game that cost Eli Marrero most of his season a few years back, Molina dropping a foul pop that would have been the third out for an error, and Eckstein falling down as his feet slid out from under him as he tried to field an infield grounder (which was scored as a hit), the umpires decided to pull the teams off the field.

I'd hoped to see the Cards celebrating on the field, but that wasn't going to happen anyway, since the Astros beat the Marlins earlier in the evening. The Cards clinched the division, but only on the tiebreaker, and LaRussa isn't going to allow any celebrations until the Cards win outright. It's still a sore point after the Cardinals and the Astros tied for the best record in the league several years ago and the Cards ended up the wild card based on the tiebreaker.

I concluded that the game wouldn't resume, so Gretchen and I headed home. The game was called after 58 minutes, about the time we got back to the car.

And now we're drinking the hot chocolate that Gretchen thoughtfully made when we got home.

Go Cards!