September 21st, 2005

The Meeting of the Money and the Mouth

So I was filling out the subscription list for my local comic shop and I came upon the Grant Morrison written Bulleteer and Frankenstein, part of the massive Seven Soldiers crossover that I've bought many issues of. And I thought of this post that I made a few days ago where I explained why I don't like Morrison's work.

So why would I want to buy any more of it? I turned down All-Star Superman as well.

Now I just need another 50,000 people to agree with me and we might get DC's attention.

This Is Not a Meter Maid

Hurricane Rita's central pressure is down to 904 mb, having dropped 10 mb in an hour. That, in case you didn't know, would be a record. It also places Rita as the fifth strongest Atlantic hurricane on record based on pressure measurements.

Katrina was number four at 902 mb.

If you are in the path of this storm, you should be busy being somewhere else. Right now, that looks like the Texas coast in the vicinity of Houston, but hurricanes have been known to zig and zag.

Steve Gregory's Weather Underground blog is a good link for updates that are more technical than you'll get on The Weather Channel.

Niggling Rita Thought

Do you suppose that Bud Selig has called the Cubs and told them not to rush to button up Wrigley Field after Wednesday's final home game against the Pirates? You see, the Cubs are supposed to play the following weekend against the Astros in Houston. And I'm not sure that Minute Maid Field is going to be playable.


daisy_knotwise and I watched the premiere of E-Ring on NBC tonight. It's from Jerry Bruckheimer, who also is responsible for CSI, but is highly reminiscent of various series by Don Bellisario in that it shows the military in tough situations working to do the right thing. It has a strong line of tension -- no surprise in a Bruckheimer series! -- and an appealing group of characters. We definitely enjoyed the episode.

We'll probably watch it again and see how it grows on us. Of course, it's up against Lost, so many of you would need to queue up the VCR or Tivo...