October 26th, 2005

Con Crud Redux

Still at home fighting off this cold, although I'm feeling well enough that I should be able to get back to work tomorrow. I spent most of today in bed and am now answering work-related e-mail and hoping for a phone call from my boss. (I can explain things a lot more quickly over the phone than I can in e-mail, even when I don't have a voice.)

Almost Done

I have crawled out of bed to finish the WindyCon 32 Program Book, which is due at the printer tomorrow. I've substituted all the images with 300 dpi TIFF files, as the printer requested, which was the last step in the process.

You would not believe how much easier having the right set of tools makes this. I am so happy that I have the entire Adobe Creative Suite and the copy of Microsoft Office that I picked up a few weeks ago. For example:

The ad comes in as an MS Word DOC file. I can't figure out how to save it in a graphical format, but I can save it as an Adobe PDF. I open that with Acrobat Professional and save it as a 300 dpi TIFF file. The printer is happy. Or, at least, I hope he'll be happy.

Now if I could just figure out how to use GoLive...

Anyway, I'm printing out a test copy; then I'm bundling this up to the printer's FTP site and going back to bed to watch the White Sox.