November 15th, 2005

Kevin & Kell & WindyCon, Oh My!

Bonnie, marniegucciard, and I did a Kevin & Kell sketch as part of Opening Ceremonies at WindyCon last week. Bill Holbrook was good enough to post about it on the Kevin & Kell website. I've copied the pertinent bits here before they scroll away -- although I'm told there will be pictures next week.

I've returned from Windycon, where I had a wonderful time. I flew into Chicago Thursday afternoon, and the opening ceremonies were that evening. Con chair Bonnie Jones and Bill Roper were unable to host the festivies, so in their place were Kell and Kevin. (They stayed in character throughout, and next week I'll have a photo of their costumes.)

In addition to me, the guests were Harry Turtledove, Erin Gray (of "Buck Rogers"), Mark Osier, Jim Rittenhouse, Esther Friesner and Nate and Louie Bucklin. Gil Gerard was unable to attend, due to recent heart surgery. Get well!

I did T-shirts for Windycon's theme of Alternate Histories, showing Kevin and Kell in various historical costumes and poses. The shirts was produced by OffWorld Designs, and you can order them at

I participated in two panels on Anthropomorphics and Webcomics. Both were ably moderated by Dirk Tiede, who does "Paradigm Shift" for the Modern Tales site. Other than that I spent the time at my dealers room table, meeting readers of "Kevin & Kell" and hopefully introducing it to others. All in all, the weekend was excellent. My only regret was not being able to stay in Chicago for next week's Midwest Furfest, but you'd probably prefer that I get back to my drawing table and do more strips!