November 27th, 2005

Behind the Mask

As you may have heard, I've been writing songs that fit together into a musical. I've got the scene setter, a plot mover from shortly before the climax of the show, the hero's song, and even a song for the villain of the piece.

daisy_knotwise (justifiably) complained, asking "Where's the heroine's song?" I tried explaining that I'm not exactly equipped to sing the heroine's song. This didn't fly. And, of course, women in filk frequently sing songs that are written for men.

There was the matter of actually writing the song. And three of the four songs above were written at Chambanacon or on the way there. (The fourth, which was the second to be written, I wrote at Concertino. So all of the songs have been written at cons.) So somewhere past Joliet, I turned off the radio and started this song, which I finished up at the con.

Please mentally capo this two octaves...
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