November 29th, 2005


hms42 dropped me an e-mail this morning wondering if a particular set of lyrics that a friend had asked him about were mine or if I could possibly identify the author. I scrolled down and discovered that they were mine, all right.

I don't think I've sung this in about fifteen years. And now, a blast from the past...
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Puppet Master

As long as I'm digging through the untranscribed material in my filk book, let's grab another song from the same period that ended up on the same live tape. I was entertained to find two substantially different hand-written versions of this song, which is really unusual for me. What I've got here appears to be the second version and that seems to be a good thing, looking at the first version.

There's a wonderful quote that I tripped across somewhere: If you look into the future, don't be surprised if the future looks back at you and has ideas of its own.
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