December 1st, 2005

Up, Up, and Away

I booked my airline ticket for GAFilk. Unfortunately, daisy_knotwise can't go to GAFilk, because it's over Orthodox Christmas and she's covering for one of her co-workers. On the other hand, she's getting time off around Christmas so we can visit her brother in Colorado, so it's not totally unreasonable. Just inconvenient.

I'm also working on an itinerary for 1812 Tones and am trying to convince Gretchen to come along. But having recently recovered from the Venusian Death Cold (TM), she's worried about succumbing to exhaustion. I've been explaining to her what a nice relaxing trip it will be.

We'll see how this goes.

Dr. Observant

I noticed as I was leaving Chambanacon that the rear license plate on my car looked funny. When I went out to put the new renewal sticker on tonight, I realized why: someone had broken off the St. Louis Cardinals license plate holder that daisy_knotwise had bought me as a Christmas present several years ago.

Whether a common vandal or a Cubs fan, I can't say.