December 13th, 2005

That's Better

I e-mailed Steinberg support last night and got a response this morning offering to look at a scan of the license key, if necessary. However, he pointed out that the font used is less than transparent: it's easy to confuse the "8" and "B" (which I'd noticed), as well as the "A" and "R" (which I hadn't). The difference between the latter pair is simple to see, as you just move one pixel from the right hand end of the crossbar on the A (which looks like an inverted U with a crossbar) and place it in the upper left hand corner so that it has a very slightly sharper corner on that side.

Not even reading glasses were going to help without knowing that the font was that boneheaded. (The description of the difference is mine, not the Steinberg guy's.)

The license key is now updated and all of the updates are installed.

Update: when I responded to thank the tech support guy at Steinberg, I commented with a smiley that maybe they should try another font next time. He sent a message back to let me know that he'd filed a request that they change the font for the next release last August when they originally started shipping these upgrades.

Somehow, I suspect this wasn't the first e-mail he'd gotten on the topic. :)

Keeping Busy

I've brought work home in case the forecast snow for tomorrow looks ugly in the morning. They're saying three to six inches, which really isn't a problem, save for the idiots on the road. (I try not to be one of them. The idiots, that is -- I hope to be on the road.)

I successfully installed Cubase tonight on the old laptop, just to prove that it would work. So far, so good. Now if the rest of the parts would just show up.

daisy_knotwise retrieved our snowblower from the shop we'd sent it to for a tuneup just days before the predicted two inch snowfall turned out to be substantially more. Tonight, we went out and got fresh gas and a half-gallon of milk. The gas is for the snowblower, the milk was for hot chocolate, which was a fine thing. Why do I predict that the presence of the tuned-up snowblower will fend off a large snowfall?

And I've written an appropriate cover letter so that Gretchen can send off ISFiC Press' two new books to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit in search of a review. We'll see how it goes.

I also printed out an invoice so we can send CDs off to Juanita.

That's probably enough for tonight.